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Ammata Restaurant

In addition to a "Raja Living" in the "Raja Villa" our fine dining is fit for a king or queen. The surge in interest of a healthy lifestyle has become very important. People pay more attention to the quality of food and improving their diet, reducing their junk food consumption. This is the right time to build on a healthy lifestyle and diet, also protecting the world's ecosystem by using quality produce and fresh food, which is produced organically. The beachfront can be used to create grand events such as a fairytale wedding in both Asian or Western style and other banquets for special occasions. Here, our guests will be pampered like a King and a Queen by our friendly staff who serve with Thai cultural hospitality, wearing beautiful traditional Thai clothing.

Oriental Kitchen

Offers the finest royal Thai cuisine served in the original ancient Thai style, also featured in our Thai food cooking class activities. The weekly classes will teach you how to prepare fresh ingredients as well as how to perfectly present your food. Authentic Thai food is not only delicious but the organic ingredients are free from additives, helping the body live longer. The kitchen also serve a wide range of other popular Oriental cuisine such as Chinese, Korean, Indian and Japanese food.

Western Kitchen

Our expert chefs offer Mediterranean cuisine bursting with the real taste of European flavours. Fresh organic ingredients prepared European style are also good for the heart and a long, healthy life. The chef will also be on hand to assist guests in providing the perfect beachfront BBQ party or buffet. Capture the atmosphere of a Mediterranean style summer enjoying your delicious food, overlooking the ocean. 

Special menu

Our comprehensive menus also cater for vegan, vegetarian and halal diets. All meals are prepared using fresh organic ingredients. All vegetables are presented in the classic Thai style and are served using low fat oils and handmade dressings.

The legendary Thai cuisine

It is widely accepted that Thai vegetables and herbs are good for health, can be medicinal, keeping your body slim and helping to make skin clear and soft.

Learn top tips from our Thai chefs during our weekly cooking classes, complimentary to in house guests.



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