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Hotel Amenities

In addition to each villa's own private pool, the hotel offers a main pool, for a change of atmosphere located at our beachfront, allowing guests to feel the sea breeze whilst swimming and sunbathing.

There are also more vigorous activities including table tennis, volleyball and early morning group jogging along the beach. We also have an air conditioned fitness room fitted with Star Trac exercise machines, for building strength, aerobic fitness and improving cardiovascular endurance.


Our massage spa facility offers a comprehensive range of treatments;


Head, Back & Shoulder Massage                                                1,250 Baht/60 Min

This massage is a highly relaxing massage that is given to the end of every Thai massage session. It concentrates on the energy lines running along the back and shoulders, where muscle knots can form as a result of long hours of sitting all day

Traditional Thai Relax Massage                                                   1,000 Baht / 60 Min or 1,350 Baht / 90 Min

Is a combination of yoga-stretches, muscle massages and joints manipulation. It will strengthen you physically and harmonize your energy lines.

Aroma Therapy Oil Massage                                                       1,800 Baht / 60 Min or 2,450 Baht / 90 Min

This relaxing treatment improves the flow of blood and uses essential plant oils to rebalance the bodies nervous and hormone systems. It focuses on harmonizing the body, rejuvenating the soul, and dispersing deficiencies along your energy lines. Good for congestion, toxicity and sleep problems.

    + Spirit of Lanna (Relaxing)

    + Spirit of Ayothaya (Refreshing)

    + Spirit of Srivichai (Stimulating) 

Aloe Vera Gel Massage                                                                 1,800 Baht/ 60 Min or 2,450 Baht/ 90 Min

Aloe Vera gel is said to encourage skin rejuvenation, healing of wounds and is an excellent treatment to relieve the pain of sunburn. It is also used to help relieve arthritis pain, improve blood circulation, reduce scaring and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E Cream Massage                                                           1,800 Baht/ 60 Min or 2,450 Baht/ 90 Min

A cream rich in vitamin E which combined with natural oils and other emollients helps keep the skin soft, supple and helps to prevent dryness and wrinkling.

Sports Massage                                                                               2,850 Baht /90 Min                                                                                

This treatment works essential oils deep into the muscle fibers to  assist stress relief, improve blood flow, muscle tone and skin texture. Pressure is applied according to your personal preference. 

Thai With Herbal Hot Compress Massage                                 2,000 Baht/ 60 Min or 2,850 Baht/ 90 Min

This treatment starts with a traditional Thai massage and finishes with a Thai herbal ball treatment. The steamed herbal mixture is ground and then pressed over the affected areas. It can effectively improve blood circulation and muscle pain.

Oil With Herbal Hot Compress Massage                                    2,250 Baht/ 60 Min or 3,350 Baht/ 90 Min

This treatment starts with a traditional Thai oil massage which uses a unique blend of essential oil to work on the major meridian lines of the body. A steamed herbal mixture is the ground and then pressed over the affected areas.  This treatment can effectively improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. 

Thai Oil Massage                                                                              1,650 Baht/ 60 Min or 2,400 Baht/ 90 Min

This classic form of oil massage evokes feelings of tranquility and well-being. It is designed to relax the whole body. Using a combination of rhythmic strokes, movements of friction and percussion, gliding and kneading, this invigorating oil massage helps to release muscle and joint tension. 

Indian Head Massage                                                                     1,500 Baht/ 60 Min                                               

This treatment utilizes the pouring of warm coconut oil onto the scalp to help to achieve a state of deep relaxation and is effective in removing fatigue caused by mental stress. Indian Head Massage techniques encourage a deep feeling of peace, whilst inspiring the senses.                          

Facial Treatment

This intensive facial treatment uses the healing properties of the organic “Oriental” product. This treatment includes a deep cleaning, Ozone steaming, facial scrub, moisturizing with serum, facial massage and finishes with a facial mask.

-          White Pearl Hydrating Treatment (Pearl Powder Mask)     2,000 Baht/ 60 Min

-          Tea Tree Purifying Facial (Tea Tree Mask)                      2,000 Baht/ 60 Min

-          Vita C Brightening (Vitamin C Mask)                              2,000 Baht/ 60 Min

-          Collagen Anti-Ageing (Collagen Mask)                           2,500 Baht/ 60 Min

-          24K Gold Facial Renewal (24K Gold Mask)                      2,700 Baht/ 60 Min

Wax Treatment

Half Leg/Arms Wax                                                                1,300 Baht

Full Leg Wax                                                                         1,700 Baht

Back Wa                                                                               3,000 Baht

Chest Wax                                                                            3,000 Baht

Upper Lip or Eyebrow Wax                                                        900 Baht

Underarm Wax                                                                      1,000 Baht

Bikini Line Wax                                                                      2,000 Baht

Brazilian Wax                                                                         2,600 Baht         

Full Body Wax                                                                        6,000 Baht

Body Scrub                                                                                                     1,500 Baht/45 Min

Is a treatment which exfoliates and kick-starts your skin renewal system, replenishing the outermost skin cells of your body leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and soft. You can choose from a range of different types of body scrub which are suitable for all skin types. Enjoy the sensation of vigorous rubbing, and massaging across your whole body and skin. The product is then rinsed away to reveal a moisturized layer of fresh, clean and smooth skin. This treatment improves the circulation of blood to the lymph nodes and the surface of the skin, helping to fight the appearance of cellulite and improve your skin tone.

Curcumba + Grape Seed Salt

A salt scrub treatment enriched with the special Thai herb “Curcumba” to encourage natural whitening, fight the appearance of wrinkles and removes bacteria for brighter and healthier looking skin.

Papaya Salt Scrub

A salt scrub treatment enriched with a “papaya” extract. This special Thai fruit is rich in vitamins, thus it helping to restore the natural smoothness and suppleness to the skin.

Tea Tree Oil Gel

A scrub treatment which utilizes the natural healing properties a tea tree oil to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and encourages smoother, healthier and suppler looking skin.

Coconut Oil & Apricot

 A scrub treatment that utilizes the natural healing properties of coconut oil and apricot to gently remove dead skin cells from the body which helps to deep clean skin and stimulate blood circulation. 


Foot Reflexology Massage                                                                        1,000 Baht / 60 Min

 An ancient art of healing that applies pressure to specific points on the feet to treat problems in all parts of the body

5 Step Scrub & Massage For Feet                                                            3,500 Baht

This treatment uses aromatic salt to relax and nourish your feet and nails.
It is recommended for those suffering from tough and stressful day.

5 Step Scrub & Massage For Hands                                                         3,000 Baht

This treatment uses aromatic salts to relax and nourish your hands and nails.
It is recommended for those suffering from a tough and stressful day.  

Full Hand Spa: Massage & Manicure                                                       3,250 Baht/ 60 Min


This treatment includes; cut, shape, file, push and cut cuticles, hand scrub, hand bath, hand massage and colour nail polish.


Full Foot Spa: Massage & Pedicure                                                         3,500 Baht/ 60 Min


This treatment includes; removing dead skin from the sole, clip, file, shape, buff and cut cuticles, foot bath, foot massage and colour nail polish.


Full Hand & Foot Spa                                                                                   3,000 Baht/ 60 Min


This treatment includes: a hot bath, scrub and wrap to clean the hands and feet of any dead skin cells leaving your skin glowing a refreshed. Compliment your glowing skin with a matching colour nail polish for your hands and feet.


Body Wrap                                                                                                     1,900 Baht/ 45 Min

This is the perfect treatment to have after a body scrub as it encourages the natural detoxification of your skin. The wrap utilizes natural minerals and essential oils to gently remove any toxins from your body. Our body wrap treatments come in four different types to suit your individual skin conditions.

Curcumba Mud

This treatment is enriched with the special Thai herb “Curcumba” to help encourage natural whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-bacteria for brighter and healthier looking skin.

 Black Sesame Mud

This treatment is enriched with vitamin E and Sesame seed oil to help protect skin from outside pollution.

Seaweed Mud

This treatment utilizes the special detoxifying properties of seaweed to help cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

This Aloe Vera body wrap is a marvelous treatment to re-moisturize and refresh your skin after excessive sun exposure.



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